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Pacung Rice Terrace
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Pacung Rice Terrace

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Besides famous for the beautiful beaches, Bali is also famous for the magnificent rice terrace. Rice terrace is a rice field which is formed like stairs. If you are looking the rice terrace from afar, it will look like a giant stairs in with velvet green carpet. It is made that way due to the geographical land contour as well as prevent from a landslide. There is three most visited rice terrace in Bali; Tegalalang rice terrace, Pacung rice terrace, and Jatiluwih rice terrace. Even though the Pacung rice terrace is the second most visited rice terrace; it has comparable beauty to the other two.

The Pacung rice terrace is ranked at the second most due to the strategic locations. The rice terrace is located in the Northern part of Bali in Baturiti village. The location of the rice terrace is near the Bedugul resort. The rice terrace is just 60 minutes away from NgurahRai International Airport.

This place offers a quiet atmosphere to calm down and relaxing. Overwhelming activity and job pressure often lead to stress and depression. Therefore, it is perfect timing to visit the green rice field. There are restaurants and resort with the rice field background. You will feel refreshed after having meals with the terrace background and cool breeze. Even if you do not have lunch in the restaurants, you can still enjoy the beautiful scenery from the restaurants’ balcony for free.

There are also private villas for you who want to stay a night in the rice terrace. This place has the atmosphere for meditation and relaxation. In a certain time of the year, if you are lucky enough you will see the farmers planting or harvesting. During the dry season, the farmers will likely to plant various kinds of vegetable rather than rice due to the water supply. However, the Pacung rice terrace is a recommended place for relaxation.

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