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  • Mount Batur Volcano Hiking
  • Mount Batur Volcano Hiking
  • Mount Batur Volcano Hiking
  • Mount Batur Volcano Hiking
  • Mount Batur Volcano Hiking
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Mount Batur Volcano Hiking

Home Activities in Bali Mount Batur Volcano Hiking

This volcanic mountain is about 1717m high and is mostly formed by the eruption in 1917. The majority of the people visit the mountain to admire the impressive mountain itself and the gorgeous view over Lake Batur.
However it is also very popular to take this Bali hiking trail really early in the morning so you can stand on top of the mountain to gaze at the colourful sunrise.
HPPGB stands for Mount Batur Tour Guides Association and was created to prevent every person in Batur area from calling themselves a mountain guide.They say that it’s recommended to arrange a guide, just to prevent other guides from following you to the top and offering their services.
In anticipation of the dawn, we journey to the majestic double caldera volcano Mount Batur, in the heart of Bali. Hundreds of years of volcanic eruptions have formed spectacular deposits of lava rock and black sand which creates the distinctive trail for our trek.

Beginning at beautiful Lake Batur, our ascension (lit by torch/flashlight) progresses at a steady pace along a moderate terrain, culminating with a more invigorating uphill effort to the peak. From this stunning view point, we take in the awe-inspiring sunrise casting its rays on the breathtaking panorama of caldera and lake within

Relax and enjoy the grand reward for your effort as you enjoy a morning coffee or tea and a light breakfast. After you are rested and feeling recharged, our professional guides educate you on the history of the volcano as we continue our trek along the rim of the caldera, observing steaming fissures (hot enough to cook an egg) and marveling at the varied landscapes.
We conclude our trek with a delightful descent through farmlands and bountiful fields of tomatoes, spinach and otherfinish trekking crops. Venturing back down the mountain, we enjoy a scenic drive through Kintamani and its neighboring villages. We make a stop along the way for an educational visit to a Bali coffee plantation where you can sample fresh coffee or cacao as you observe the roasting process. Your adventure concludes at our modern Balinese family compound in the sacred village of Pejeng. Witness the women preparing devotional offerings to the Hindu Gods and enjoy your sumptuous Indonesian lunch as you relax in our serene Balinese family garden setting.

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