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lovina swim with dolphins
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lovina swim with dolphins

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Lovina swim with dolphins  is suitable for proficient swimmers only and age above 12 years, as you will be going into the sea from a platform, which is about 1.2 meters in depth. Here, you not only have chance for interaction with them, but you will be swimming out to meet with our friendly dolphins in the sea (within an enclosed area of our floating sea pen) which will be an unforgettable experience. During the program you will be closely supervised by our experienced trainers, which will share knowledge about dolphins, their habitats, diets, anatomies and migration patterns.

lovina swim with dolphins in the sea start bit later rather than normal start, ussually normal start at 6am and then lovina swim with dolphin start at , this is because we have to wait for the other visitors to come home from their activities watching dolphins.


Lovina swim with dolphin at Melka Excelsior Hotel is one of the first hotels in the world to have a special pool for lovina swim with dolphins. You can swim and play together

Melka Excelsior, Natural and Spiritual Hotel, located about 10 km west of Singaraja precisely in Lovina, Bali. The fountain pool with several small Ganesha sculptures on the edges adorn this beautiful hotel courtyard. And on the right, there is a statue of the highest called Ganesha in Asia standing majestically. Clean and no dangerous stairs for toddlers. Because this hotel is built horizontally.

Be a favorite. Here, children can enjoy many things. Swimming pool, chess game with giant pieces, dolphin attractions and even lovina swim with dolphins, feeding deer, and seeing other animals. There are also Cockatoo shows that can introduce themselves, play basketball and magic

Dolphin Therapy for Autistic Toddlers. Since 2007, Carla Henco, a dolphin therapist introduced the concept of therapy with the help of dolphins or Doplin Assisted Therapies (DAT) to Melka Excelsior Hotel in Lovina, Bali. 

We are organize it all, more information ,please do contact us on

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