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dolphin sightings at lovina
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dolphin sightings at lovina

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Lovina is a tourist attraction in North Bali, precisely in Buleleng regency. This area is famous for its beaches, and also dolphin viewing activities in the morning. Maybe in Bali, it's only in Lovina that we can see dolphin attractions off the coast. So this is naturally not 'made' like in the room.

The cost of dolphin sightings at lovina is the price charged per person to see dolphins or dolphins off Lovina beach using traditional boats or Balinese people say Jukung. Now with jukung that will be driven by one person, we go to the middle of the sea early in the morning around 6 o'clock. Continue to see dolphins around 8 o'clock. So for those who stay in South Bali, especially Kuta and its surroundings, it is recommended 2 or 3 am already slid to the location. the trip is estimated to take around 3 hours.

For those who don't want to miss snorkeling activities in Lovina after seeing dolphins, we also provide the price of dolphin + snorkel viewing packages which of course the price is still very affordable. Compared to snorkeling at Tanjung Benoa, this "surface diving" activity in Lovina is not limited. So you can plunge + swim as much as you like. Anyway, the price includes snorkeling equipment like fin, snorkel, google glasses.


Cost of Viewing ddolphin sightings at lovina is US$10 per persons and another $10 for snorkeling
include: traditional Boat, entrance fee

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