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Bali Tours from Benoa Cruise Ship Port – 3 Fun Things to Do
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Bali Tours from Benoa Cruise Ship Port – 3 Fun Things to Do

Home Blog Thing To Do in Bali Bali Tours from Benoa Cruise Ship Port – 3 Fun Things to Do

Bali Tours from Benoa Cruise Ship Port is a special service that offered by us (Lovina Taxi Driver). The service is recommended for those who want a memorable short tour from cruise ship port of Benoa.

There are many impressive places to visit in Bali. As one of them is Ubud, a popular countryside for authentic arts, unique cultures, and beautiful natures.

If you want a day with stunning view and calm atmosphere then you can visit some amazing natural spots in Ubud, namely: Tegalalang Rice Terrace and Tegenungan Waterfall.

Otherwise, perhaps you want a day with memorable experiences. You can do fun outdoor activities to make your day become more unforgettable.

The following are some outdoor activities to do in Ubud.

  1. Bike Around Town

    Bali Cycling Tour
    Bali Cycling Tour

The first recommendation of the activities is cycling tour, which it will take you to bike and explore around town.

The route of cycling in Ubud usually get through rice fields and rural point where offer stunning sceneries that may take off your eyes.

The activity is the best choice to relieve stress in mind or escape from daily boring routine.

  1. Raft on Rapid River

    Ubud White Water Rafting
    Ubud White Water Rafting

The second recommendation is rafting or white water rafting adventure that will involve you in challenging navigation along the route of Rapid River.

You will navigate on an inflatable boat while holding a paddle to control the direction of the boat.

The most popular rafting spot in Ubud is Ayung River where offers thrilling obstacles and beautiful sceneries of waterfall and green forest.

The spot has a long route of 10 kilometers and take about 2 hours to finish.

  1. Ride an Quad Bike Along Challenging Tracks

    Ubud Quad Bike Adventure
    Ubud Quad Bike Adventure

The third activity is quad bike adventure. It will challenge you to conquer wet, muddy, and steep tracks on quad bike or atv (all-terrain vehicle).

There are many operators of the quad bike adventure in Ubud. Most of the route usually gets through small forest, rice field, rural point, and also a tunnel (cave).

So, the route is not only challenging but also full of stunning sceneries.

How to Join

For joining or asking any questions about the activities above, please contact us via below.

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